London Bridge Guide : Practical Information about the station

London Bridge is a railway station serving south-east London. Located on the right bank of the Thames, it owes its name to the fact that it is about 300 metres south-east of London Bridge. Opened in 1836, it is the oldest station in central London still in service. If you want to leave your suitcases at this station, book a luggage storage at London Bridge.

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  1. Some facts about London Bridge Station
  2. London Bridge Station's Practical Information
  3. How many platforms in London Bridge?
  4. London Bridge Station Ticket
  5. The parking at London Bridge Station
  6. Where to store your luggage at this Station?

I) Some facts about London Bridge Station

The London Bridge train station is a primary railway terminus situated in London. The bridge is connected to the London underground station located in Southwark, on the south-east region of London. The underground station takes up a large area on the three levels that are located on the South East region of the London Bridge. The London Bridge railway station was established in December 1836 by the London and Greenwich Railway and is currently still in service. It is, therefore, one of the oldest railway termini in the United Kingdom.

Originally, the London Bridge train station was not as grand as it is currently. It was simply a building with booking halls and organizational offices. The building also housed two platforms and lacked a trainshed to shelter both passengers and trains. The growth of the station to what it is today can be attributed to the wits of the London and Greenwich Railway. The company choose to lease the lines as well as the terminus of the station to other major railway institutions like the London and Croydon Railway that were looking to access the city of London from the South East region.

The collaboration with other railway companies led to the decision to demolish the original structure of the London Bridge Railway Station and the construction of a new terminus. The new development aimed to accommodate the growing demand. By the year 1844, the grand station, in a half complete state, began to operate.

More collaborations were made, which brought about the need to construct an even larger station with more lines. By the 1860s, the London bridge Station was the largest in London, serving more passengers as the lines gave it access to more parts of the city. In the late 1960s, the station went through another major development after it suffered damages in the 1940s following a bombing raid.

Further advancements were made to the station in 2013 under the sponsorship of Thameslink Program. The advancements that cost more than a billion pounds were completed in 2018. After the advancements, the station was relaunched in May 2018 with HRC, The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William as the guest of honour at the ceremony. Currently, the station has fifteen platforms, it is managed by Network Rail and serves more than fifty-two million passengers yearly.

II) London Bridge Station's Practical Information

a) Address of the London Bridge

The London Bridge Train Station is located at 21 Duke Street Hill, Bermondsey London, SE1 2SW, in the United Kingdom.

b) Contact Information of the London Bridge

You can contact the London Bridge railway station directly using the phone number; 08457484950

c) Opening Hours

The London Bridge opens at four in the morning and closes at one, past midnight every Monday to Saturday. On Sundays, the station opens at six in the morning and closes at one as well.

d) Map of the Station

Map of St Pancras Station

III) How many platforms in London Bridge?

The station has a total of fifteen platforms that are linked by a large street-level concourse.

How to get to and from the station

Train Lines

The station has two central lines;


You can access all parts of the station using the step-free. The step-free access notes offer access to the 1, 2, 3, and 10-15 platforms through wheelchair-accessible ramps.

IV) London Bridge Station Ticket

You can make tickets London Bridge Station enquiries on a national level using the number 03457484950. You can also send a text to the number 03456050600 or call the number 03456040500. You can also visit this website for tickets and enquiries.

The tickets office opens from 4.45 am to 1.00 am on weekdays and Saturdays and at 5.25 am to 1.00 am on Sundays. You can also opt to get tickets from the ticket machines located in different parts of the station.

V) The parking at London Bridge Station

Note that parking London Bridge Station is not available for vehicles. It means if you brought your car to the station, you would have to pay for external parking. To avoid such costs, you can opt to take a taxi or bus to and from the station. However, for cyclers, there is a cycle parking outside the front of the station on the upper level. Two hundred Cycle storage passes are available at a cost as well as CCTV coverage for the storage area.

VI) Where to store your luggage at this Station?

The station itself does not offer luggage storage services because of the large number of passengers that it serves. However, you can still book a luggage storage at London Bridge to relieve yourself from your luggage and enjoy your trip. It will be also wise to check for a luggage storage in London that are available round the clock and that will allow you to store your stuffs near the attractions you want to do.

In case you lose your luggage at the station, you can always contact 02072341247 or visit this website.

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