St Pancras Guide : Practical Information about the station

St Pancras railway station, also known as London St Pancras and officially since 2007 as St Pancras International, is a central London railway terminus on Euston Road in the London Borough of Camden. If you want to leave your suitcases at this station, book a luggage storage at St Pancras.

Table of content

  1. Some facts about St Pancras Railway Station
  2. St Pancras Station's Practical Information
  3. How many platforms in St Pancras?
  4. St Pancras Station Ticket
  5. Which connection from St Pancras?
  6. The parking at St Pancras Station London
  7. Where to store your luggage at this Station?

I) Some facts about St Pancras Railway Station

Opened in 1868, St Pancras has in the last 200 plus years become one of the most important and regularly used transport terminals in not only London but all the UK. Serving underground lines, mainline railways and Eurostar routes to several countries in mainland Europe, St Pancras railway station sees an average of more than 170 million travellers passing through it each and every year. The station was constructed by the Midland Railway Company to provide the northern regions of England with a direct route into London, and it has served that purpose and many more ever since.

If you are planning to visit St Pancras train station at some point in the future, then it will really help if you have a general knowledge of its facilities before your arrival. It being such a busy station, it can help to save you time if you turn up at St Pancras train station with an idea of where to go and what to do.

Here is all of the essential information that you need in order to navigate St Pancras railway station.

II) St Pancras Station's Practical Information

Here are the basic information relating to St Pancras railway station

III) How many platforms in St Pancras?

In its current restored form, a map of St Pancras station will show you that there are 15 platforms in full operation.

As of 2019, platforms 1 to 4 serve trains that are operated by Midland Main Line and East Midlands Railway. These lines offer travel and commute to locations in the East Midlands and Yorkshire including Corby, Nottingham, Kettering, Derby, Sheffield, Chesterfield, Lincoln, Leeds, Scarborough, and York.

The Thameslink operated trains at St Pancras serve destinations including Bedford, Luton, Cambridge, and Peterborough in the north, and Sutton, East Croydon, Wimbledon, Brighton, and Gatwick Airport in the south.

Southeastern also operate high-speed trains to Kent and the South East out of St Pancras, serving destinations such as Faversham, Ramsgate, Margate, Folkestone Central, Ebbsfleet International, and Canterbury West.

In addition to all of these domestic services, you can get a ticket at St Pancras station for one of seventeen pairs of Eurostar trains that travel every single day to Paris du Nord. There are also ten daily trains to Bruxelles-Midi and one that goes directly to Marne-la-Vallee for Disneyland Resort Paris.

If you don't want to park your car at St Pancras station, then you are able to get there via bus on a number of routes including the 59, 73, 205 and 390.

IV) St Pancras Station Ticket

There are two main ways to purchase a ticket for St Pancras station, and those are, unsurprisingly, online and in person at the ticket desk.

If you want to buy online, then it is just a simple matter of heading to the official website and selecting the right train for the right date depending on your specifications. You will have the option to select any number of railcards and discounts that you might be entitled to.

If you prefer to buy your tickets in person, then you can do so at the dedicated ticket desk within the station. The ticket office can be found on the lower ground floor next to the Market and Circle areas of the station, and transactions can be made using this method from 5:45am-10pm Monday to Friday, 6am-9pm Saturday and 8:15am-10:15pm Sunday.

Whilst there are no official stipulations for what languages are spoken by the clerk at the ticket office, you can rest assured that that majority are travellers will be able to communicate in a satisfactory way with the trained staff.

V) Which connection from St Pancras?

Situated in the heart of Central London, St Pancras has excellent public transport connections. With a direct connection to Kings Cross Station, St Pancras has six underground lines – Victoria, Piccadilly, Northern, Circle, Metropolitan, and Hammersmith and City. The connection to Kings Cross also enables easy transfer to trains serving other parts of the UK including Scotland. With these underground lines, it is also easy to reach other mainline stations including Euston and Victoria.

Black cabs, private hire cars, and Uber cars are plentiful around the station and there are also the aforementioned bus routes that operate frequently along Euston Road. If your preferred method of transport is a bicycle, then you can take advantage of the city's shared bikes scheme, enabling you to rent a bike for a very fair price.

Public transport is reasonably priced and easier with travelcards or an Oyster card.

A few simple journeys to important landmarks for tourists include:

VI) The parking at St Pancras Station London

Parking at St Pancras station is a relatively easy process, and visitors are advised to guarantee their space by pre-booking a slot before the day of their arrival. You are able to select a parking period of anywhere from 12 hours to a full year.

Parking can also be paid for on arrival, but a space cannot always be guaranteed when using this method.

You might want to consider a cheaper and more available alternative to parking at St Pancras station in any of the surrounding public car parks. Do not park in unauthorised spaces because parking in Central London is strictly controlled and you can be fined, clamped, or your vehicle can be towed away. It is a very expensive business to retrieve your car.

At busy times of the year, it is often better to park outside of Central London and take the tube or bus into St. Pancras.

VII) Where to store your luggage at this Station?

The station itself does not offer luggage storage services because of the large number of passengers that it serves. However, you can still book a luggage storage at St Pancras to relieve yourself from your luggage and enjoy your trip. It will be also wise to check for a luggage storage in London that are available round the clock and that will allow you to store your stuffs near the attractions you want to do.

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