Victoria Guide : Practical Information about the station

Victoria Station is, in reality, two stations in one. A station that boasts over seventy-four million passengers per year, and which helps to tell the story of intense rivalry between the railway firms that operated in the nineteenth century. Providing speedy connections to Gatwick airport, seaports, and seaside resorts, Victoria Station is situated in the heart of London’s west end and has always been linked to modern train travel for pleasure.

The train station was built by London Chatham & Dover Railway and London Brighton & South Coast Railway. It was constructed as an effort between two rail companies which decided to come together and pool their resources as a way of backing Pimlico Railway & Victoria Station. Engineer Robert Jacomb Hood was tasked with designing the LBCSR side of the station which was completed first and officially opened on 1st October 1860.

LCDR completed constructing their side of the station two years later, paving way for it to be officially opened on 25th August 1862. Engineer Sir John Fowler, the in-house LCDR station was responsible for designing and constructing the train-shed roof on its side. Victoria Station has undergone some major developments since then.

This has seen the addition of new modern and up-to-date passenger facilities. Victoria Plaza was introduced in the 1980s after the removal of the side roof on the Brighton side. The station was enlarged and tidied in 1992 which led to the addition of two concourses. If you want to leave your suitcases at this station, book a luggage storage at Victoria Station.

Table of content

  1. Victoria Station's Practical Information
  2. What are the connections from the Station?
  3. Victoria Station Ticket
  4. How to go from Victoria Station to the others?
  5. The parking at Victoria Station
  6. Where to store your luggage at this Station?

I) Victoria Station's Practical Information

II) What are the connections from the Station?

Victoria Station is a major underground and railway station in London. It’s located in central London close to Belgravia, Pimlico, and Westminster.

The Victoria Underground Station is on the Victoria Line & the District & Circle Lines. The trains in the station are run by Southern & Southeastern Train. There’s a train to Gatwick Airport operated by Gatwick Express and which runs from Victoria Station to London.

Gatwick Express to Gatwick airport operates from Platform 14. Southeastern which has a direct train to Ashford International operates from Platform 4. Passengers looking for travel information can do so online to ensure that they will not miss their train, or end up getting lost at the station.

Victoria Station is much more than a tube as it also has a taxi rank and a bus station. The taxi rank can be found at the front of the station. It’s not easy to miss it as this is also where the London red bus station is located. Note that buses found here are only the ones whose journey ends at the train station.

Outside the Victoria Station, you will find a very busy bus terminus serving the London red buses. If you are looking for local transport, nothing beats traveling by these buses. You, however, have to keep in mind that the London red buses only serve whose routes either start or end at the Victoria Station. But many other buses have routes that take them through Victoria Station and come to a stop in some of the surrounding streets. Note that you can’t purchase tickets while on the bus and neither can you buy a single ticket. You will need to have a contactless payment card, Oyster card, or Travelcard for you to use the buses.

If looking for something more comfortable, or if you don’t have any of the cards mentioned above, worry not! You can still get to travel in and around London with ease, thanks to the presence of other travel options such as shared bikes, Uber, and floating bikes. For Uber, all you need to do is access the service from your smartphone. For the shared bikes, you should consider heading online and checking out the various websites offering the service. Prices start from £2 per day, with some services allowing you to use it for free for the first thirty minutes.

III) Victoria Station Ticket

Train tickets for trains to and from Victoria Station can be purchased online, via self-ticketing information, or from the booking stations located at the station.

For those that would like to buy tickets online, they can do so by clicking here. Often, the full timetable, including the train fares are published up to three months in advance.

The station rail ticket office is open twenty-four hours a day for people looking to buy tickets for same-day travel. Advance tickets are only available for those looking to make purchases between seven in the morning and nine in the evening. There are numerous ticket locations spread out across the station.

IV) How to go from Victoria Station to the others?

V) The parking at Victoria Station

Parking at Victoria Station is operated by APCOA Parking which offers a rafted surface site. Its parking area is situated directly above some of the nineteen platforms that are at Victoria Station. In total, there are eighty-one parking spaces available for public parking at three electric vehicle charging docks. The parking rates start at £9 per hour for Monday to Friday parking and £15 for Bank Holidays and Weekends.

If looking for parking near or around Victoria Station, you’re also in luck. Several applications allow you to locate hundreds of parking spaces near London Victoria Station. Thanks to these apps, you will easily locate on-street parking, twenty-four-seven reserved parking, and off-street car parks as well.

VI) Where to store your luggage at this Station?

Have you been looking for twenty-four-hour luggage lockers or storage near Victoria Station? Look no further! Eelway works with certified shops, cafes, and hotels in Victoria to provide you with luggage storage services 24/7. Booking in advance ensures that you don’t miss out on luggage space, more so when looking to store large or bulky items.

The good thing about this luggage storage service is that you can access it at any time, doesn’t come with limitations, and you can cancel at any time if your travel plans end-up changing. Booking takes less than five minutes, allowing you to enjoy your stay in London and come back for your belongings whenever you want. You can also book a luggage storage in London and visit the city peacefully.

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